In over 40 years of providing metal products and services in Georgia, misunderstandings with our customers have been rare. We strive to maintain flexibility to meet your unique needs. We value our customer relationships very highly and strive to keep the terms of our relationship clear and simple. Toward that end, please note the following trade terms governing your account and your order.

Quotes and Orders

All quotes are good for 14 days unless otherwise noted either verbally or in writing.

Sales Tax: Unless otherwise noted, quoted prices do not include sales, excise, or other taxes payable on the transaction. All such taxes are to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price unless the Buyer furnishes a properly executed tax exemption certificate. Unless specifically reserved with a written purchase order, material will be subject to prior sale.

Change orders and additional specifications should be submitted in writing, and will be subject to additional charges at that time. Changes may also nullify the previous quote.

Verbal statements do not constitute a warranty. No other warrantees are given beyond those in this document. We intend to keep our word, but if it is important, let's be clear and get it in writing.

Verbal orders are taken at the customer's risk. Written confirmations covering verbal orders should be labeled "Confirmation" to avoid duplicate billing.

Cancellation and returns: When ever possible we will accommodate a customers request to cancel an order. Cancellations will be subject to expenses incurred such as delivery, fabrication, and restocking charges. Material that has been cut or fabricated at the customer's request will not be subject to cancellation or return.


Safety: General Steel's drivers and employees adhere to common industry standards of safety at all times. When delivering to the Buyer, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to have on-site safe methods of unloading material. In the event no such safe method is present, the driver may refuse to unload the delivery truck.

Environmental Responsibility. General Steel's drivers adhere to State and Federal environmental laws, and will respect those laws on the customer's site.

Respect. General Steel's employees and the customer are expected to act in a mutually respectful manner.

Delay: General Steel intends to honor its commitment to every customer. General Steel will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from delay in fulfilling any accepted order. Delays in delivery shall not be considered as cause for claims or charge backs. Receipt of goods by Buyer shall constitute acceptance of delivery and waiver of all claims for loss or damage due to delay.

Claims: The Buyer agrees to inspect all goods upon delivery, and any claim relating to the goods must be made in writing within thirty (30) days after the receipt of the goods. Upon return, the material will be subject to inspection, and credit will be promptly issued based on its condition.

Limits of Liability: General Steel's liability on any claim shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective or non-conforming goods or the repayment of the purchase price. General Steel will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages including loss of income, loss of time, lost sales, injury, damage to goodwill, inconvenience or other commercial or economic loss.


General Steel extends payment terms to its customers expecting payment according to terms. Extending credit is an act of trust intended to facilitate the sales function. It is not intended to be a source of financing to the Buyer.

Payment is due in 30 days from date of invoice. A discount of 1/2 of 1% is offered when payment is made within ten working days.

Past due balances use our working capital and cause General Steel to incur unscheduled interest expenses. Interest will be charged at 1.5% per month on past dues accounts.

Other Legal Notices

Buyer agrees that this contract was fully negotiated in Georgia, that all disputes hereunder are governed by Georgia Law and that the Superior or State Courts of Bibb County shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue over all lawsuits arising hereunder.

Severability: If any part of this contract or application is held invalid or unenforceable it shall not effect the other provisions of this contract.

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